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Save your heels & walk easier on grass.

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Grasswalkers are flexible transparent strips that adhere to the bottom of your favorite high heels to keep them from sinking into the grass




Designed to fit a range of high heel shapes and sizes. Small fits up to a women’s size 8.5. Package contains one pair.





Designed to fit a range of high heel shapes and sizes. Medium fits women’s size 9 to 11. Package contains one pair.


Party Boxes


Get Grasswalkers for your Party! Each box comes with 50 pairs for $400.

Shipping for each party box is $25 and is included in the price of the party box. A party box is over $80 in savings. Three box designs to choose from.



How do Grasswalkers work?

Heading to an outdoor event, but contemplating if heels are appropriate? Wondering how you’ll manage with the challenge of walking on grass? Put your worries to rest with Grasswalkers—an easy and discreet way to attend any outdoor event without the frustration or worrying of ruining your favorite high heels.

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    Grasswalkers are designed to go anywhere you do. Slip a pair into your handbag before your next outdoor event.

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    Grasswalkers are easy to apply. Before stepping out into the grass, remove the two adhesive strips and place them face up. Line your heel up and then step down onto the strips. Ensure that the adhesive area and the bottom of your shoe are pressed firmly together.

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    Once applied, Grasswalkers will remain secure, prevent your heels from being damaged, and the new soft grip underside allows you to walk on both dry and damp grass with stylish ease.

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    When your event wraps up or you transition back indoors or onto pavement, gently ease the transparent strips from the bottom of your shoe and toss them out.

Client Testimonials

  • Absolutely loved the Grasswalkers! I didnt even feel I had them on!

    — Brigitte, La Jolla

  • Totally works (follow the directions) on grass. It wasn’t difficult to walk on grass with them & my heels didn’t sink!

    — Yolanda, San Francisco

  • I wanted to thank you so much for these terrific shoe protectors! The weather was glorious and therefore these were very handy to help us navigate the grass as we walked the long aisle to the rose garden. What a magic weekend and truly gorgeous wedding.

    — Gail, New York

  • LOVED my Grasswalkers! I received more comments on my Grasswalkers than I did on my little black dress!

    — Jodi, Florida

  • I made another attempt to test my Grasswalkers. We are still under construction, our property is filled with all kinds of workers all day long and I try to stay fairly clear of them all. I didn’t want to wait any longer so I put my big girl panties on and attached my Grasswalkers and went outside in front of everyone to give them a go.

    Attaching them was so simple. I was surprised that they stuck to my shoe to begin with because I deliberately chose a very thin and spiky heel. I took a few steps and so far they were working perfectly. But what happened if the lawn was a little bit more wet? So I found a spot that was basically very soggy. Still working!

    Next I decided to kinda jump a little (very little due to knee pain) and really kinda of stomp around. At this point I was walking in circles and looking fairly ridiculous. Still working perfectly!

    Ok, so now just to make sure it wasn’t a fluke I went and tried a different pair of shoes with a thicker heel. Ok, so now I am back out in my yard walking fast, walking slow, going in circles, digging my feet in, scooting across the lawn and all the sudden I look up and at least four workers are staring at me in complete awe and confusion. I think they thought I had lost my mind and was having some sort of weird seizure. They stared at me in complete silence and seemed completely mystified. I was so embarrassed as I stuck my tail between my legs and walked back in the house seriously laughing to myself at how unusual that must have looked.

    Needless to say the invention is astounding and I am so very impressed.

    — Deni, Rancho Santa Fe, CA

  • I tried them on and I couldn’t even tell they were on. I was so stable on the grass and I didn’t have to worry about ruining my shoes!

    — Paula, El Cajon, CA

  • I’m not a flats or wedge-type girl. With Grasswalkers I can wear my heels and not compromise my sense of style.

    — Jake, La Jolla, CA

  • Grasswalkers fit perfectly—you forget that they are on your shoes. I will always keep a few pairs in my car for events.

    — Vicki, San Diego, CA

  • As an older woman, I have to be careful on grass. These are the perfect solution. You don’t sink or ruin your shoes!

    — Billie, San Diego, CA

  • I love these things… they really work!

    — Debby, Los Angeles, CA

  • I LOVE everything about what you’re doing. As a woman who loves her heels more than breathing, this is a dream come true.

    — Colleen, Washington, D.C.

  • A surprising and ingenious product! When I stepped onto the lawn it felt as though I’d never left the sidewalk!

    — Nina, San Diego, CA

  • Sometimes the simplest idea is the most brilliant. Grasswalkers solve a problem many women have had when attending events on grassy lawns-that awful feeling when your high heels begin to sink into the ground. The Grasswalkers design solves that in a clever and unobtrusive way-our guests love them!

    — Anne Farrell, Chief Philanthropy Officer, Voices for Children San Diego, CA

  • Grasswalkers are amazing! We had a party in our backyard and all my friends were asking how I could stand up so straight and walk so easily. Because they are clear, you can barely notice them!

    — Barret, La Jolla

  • We were thrilled with the Grasswalkers we purchased. They saved the day last weekend at my son’s wedding …luckily it was sunny and not raining when the wedding afternoon came, but it had rained consistently for days before, so the ground was very soft.

    — Jeannette, Elma, NY

  • I am so glad that I had my Grasswalkers for a recent event at a huge grass lawn…They saved my shoes and my feet. All the ladies were coming up to me asking me how I was walking in the grass with huge heels, when I showed them the Grasswalkers they went crazy. Not only did the Grasswalkers save my suede shoes from being destroyed by the grass but they also gave me stability to walk around the uneven grass event for 3 hours. Thanks again and love the Grasswalkers!

    — Angie, San Diego, April 2016

  • I used Grasswalkers on my wedding day and they were PERFECT for taking pictures in the grass! I didn’t have to worry about my Badgley Mischka shoes getting dirty 🙂

    — Sarah, Illinois

  • Grasswalkers were the ideal accessory for my heels. They stayed on until I ripped them off my shoes in the car on the way home. My blue suede shoes look like new!

    — Jennifer, La Jolla

  • My daughter’s wedding in Sun Valley, Idaho wouldn’t have been complete without the girls and their ‘Grasswalkers!!’ Of course, all their designer shoes (Valentino, YSL) had to be protected walking down the grass aisle!!

    — Kim, La Jolla

  • Grasswalkers made my wedding day perfect. My whole wedding party used them and we love them!

    — Christina, CT

  • I used them for my outdoor wedding, so did my mom and some of my bridesmaids. They were perfect! You couldn’t see them under my dress & the girls with short dresses still looked great because the clear plastic disappears in the grass.

    — Heather, OK

  • The Grasswalkers worked great! They kept my ‘party shoes’ looking pretty especially on still wet grass from the earlier rain.

    — Laura, CA

  • Wanted to let you guys know that this is a genius invention. I walked on grass and kept my heels and myself from sinking!!Great product, recommend it!!

    — Annie, NJ

  • I had my doubts and wondered how I could walk in GRASSWALKERS. But mother knows best! (it was Mom Who alerted me to these, transparent miracles). The bride wrote a disclaimer on her site advising her ladies to wear appropriate shoes. I did bring some ‘flip flops.’ But not really my style and they did nothing for my look or style. Just before I left the hotel, I placed them on the bottom of my high 2″ heels. I slipped my shoes on at site(in car). Wow! So easy to walk in, they flex, and my steps were not stiff or stilted. The wedding ceremony was entirely on grass! I was the only one above ground. I saw one after another heels sinking into the grass (which was wet from the heavy rains the night before). Annoyed looks, and ‘the heel hop or tip toe shuffle,’ including bride and brides maids. Once they saw me, on my Grasswalkers, well let’s just say these are the greatest invention since the ‘skinny panti.’ Any brides out there shame on you if you don’t grab these! (get shower gift), and link your guest too! Shari bless you, you saved my day and my shoes, Xox

    — Karen, SC

  • THEY WERE AMAZING!! I’m a larger woman and was concerned that they might be too flimsy or not structurally sound and would break under my weight. Boy was I wrong… the design is so solid and the plastic is really strong and secure. It was a breeze walking on grass and MANY female guests at the wedding came up to me asking about how I could wear heels on grass (and with a tinge of jealousy in their eyes because they had to wear wedges). THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Not only is this product a life safer, but the hand written letter you sent me and the customer service I received was 5 star. Congratulations on this idea/product and company!

    — Sarah, Canada

  • They were a huge hit! Everyone thought they were unique, effective, and great gift. Thanks so much!

    — Stevie, Iowa

  • My daughter was married recently and the bride plus 6 bridesmaids trekked thru the Rocky Mountains for photos and the Grasswalkers worked wonderfully to keep the beautiful heals from sinking into the earth. Grasswalkers took my order just days before the event and ensured timely receipt. The organization was so helpful and friendly and they stand behind their product. I definitely recommend them for any outdoor activity!

    — Kathy, Beavercreek, CO

  • We thank you so much for sending us our Grasswalkers! They were a big hit at the wedding!

    — Carly, Chicago

  • The Grasswalkers were perfect! They worked like a charm! So easy to use and even easier to walk in, better than heels alone! My daughter, the bride, loved wearing them and so did the entire bridal party and us moms too! Thank you for the great product and customer service!

    — Barbara, New York

About Grasswalkers

I created Grasswalkers to solve a simple but persistent problem that we all face too often—trying to avoid having your high heels sink into the grass, while still walking gracefully without ruining your heels. I love heels of all shapes, colors and sizes, and I want to wear them everywhere, but I found myself constantly stressing over which heels would work for certain events that were held on lawns. It seemed silly to me—why isn’t there a product that allows women to walk easily and comfortably on the grass in heels of any shape or size? When I found out my friends felt as frustrated as me about this simple problem, I decided to solve this once and for all. I hope you like them!

Sheryl White



Giving Back

Because art education matters deeply to us, Grasswalkers has made a commitment to donate 25% of all net profits to arts education programs.


In 2014 Grasswalkers donated to the following arts education programs:

The New Children’s Museum San Diego

The Old Globe Theatre


In 2014 Grasswalkers donated to the following arts education programs:

The New Children’s Museum San Diego

The Old Globe Theatre


I absolutely need Grasswalkers for my next event!


What are Grasswalkers?

You know that awkward walk that happens when you’re trying to prevent your heels from sinking into the grass? You can keep from doing that ever again with Grasswalkers.

Our transparent strips adhere to the bottom of your favorite heels without causing any damage, creating a sturdy, yet practically invisible guard that will keep your heels from sinking into the grass. And unlike most heel protectors on the market today that simply fit around your heel, Grasswalkers are unique because they were specifically designed to create a flat surface to walk on, covering the entire bottom of your shoe that comes in contact with the ground. Grasswalkers provide extra protection and stability so you won’t sink into the grass.

You don’t have to worry about matching the size of the protectors to the size of each of your high heels because the removable strips works perfectly for all heels—from stilettos to chunkier styles. And because they are transparent and don’t clip around your heels, you won’t need to worry about the visibility of a mismatched product or scraping the side of your heels. You and your heels will always look their best.

Technical Information

Grasswalkers are flexible. They are available in two different sizes to fit almost any show, from 1” kitten heels to 5” glamorous stilettos.


Polycarbonate, adhesive and non-skid tape. Patent-pending. Made in the USA.